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From local meetups to high level conferences 

— this event will provide a broad variety of opportunities not only to meet people and network within the blockchain industry, but also to develop and learn. Rarely do the organisers ask their target audience what is it, that they want to experience – Chainges thrives on working with the community.

By exploring what are the demands of the users,

Chainges has developed an exciting offering, including topics focusing on crypto-economy to blockchain technology, and beyond. Although these topics converge, the expectations of professionals in either are very different. Chainges recognised that and is catering for both.

Nine years ago the anonymous creator of the 'Internet of Money,' Satoshi Nakamoto, released the Bitcoin white paper.

Since than we all have been watching the rise of a whole new industry. We are entrepreneurs, startups, developers, traders, investors, influencers, even media representatives, and most importantly – enthusiasts. We believe that it is a great time to step-up and show ourselves as part of this industry, as well as it is the best moment to create a place where we can collaborate and network with each other. Once the Chainges survey was finished, all participants were gifted a nontransferable asset based on the NEM blockchain called Chainges, which decreased the price of the ticket by 30%.