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Piers Ridyard, Radix: Protocol Wars – The Battle for the Future of Crypto

The next speech on Tech Stage was delivered by Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix - a public decentralised ledger technology. Their mission is to provide…

Chainges Aftermath: The home of blockchain industry

May 2018
Chainges was a one great event that surely set new standards for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry conferences. Everything from the venue to agenda was a…

How blockchain will affect the future? Learn it from David Siegel, the CEO of Pillar!

Apr 2018
Time for the next episode of our partner Q&A! Today we bring to you Pillar - a company that builds a wallet for coins and…

Meet Marcin Cebula, the COO of BitBay, leading Polish cryptocurrency exchange platform!

Apr 2018
Meet Marcin Cebula, the COO of BitBay, leading Polish cryptocurrency exchange platform and Chainges headline partner! Marcin will hold a special speech about Cryptocurrency trading…

Can Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become a political project?

Apr 2018
When people talk about possible uses for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the future, we can expect to hear the name of every single industry there…

At Chainges you will meet Antons Sapriko, the COO of Publica

Apr 2018
Have you ever dreamed of a writer’s career? You have written your own book but you had no idea how to break through? We have…

Meet Robertas Visinskis, CEO of Mysterium Network – a decentralized VPN powered by blockchain

Apr 2018
Hello Chaingers! Today we bring to you another Q&A interview with one of our speakers. At this time you’ll have a chance to meet Robertas…

How can we revolutionize banking with help of blockchain?

Mar 2018
Investors and companies that own cryptocurrencies struggle with banks every single day. State regulations and banks policies can successfully disturb transactions and deposits made by…

Q&A with Stephan Karpischek: a decentralized insurance

Mar 2018
Meet Stephan Karpischek, co-founder of Etherisc - a blockchain startup building decentralized insurance applications. Before that, he co-founded disrupt consulting, a cooperative digital strategy consulting,…

How to keep your crypto safe? Wallets in the world of Bitcoin

Mar 2018
There are few common questions that need to be asked when somebody begins their crypto-adventure. The whole plot usually starts with “What is Bitcoin?”, followed…