Thomas Marckx
Co-Founder, TheLedger

Thomas Marckx is a co-founder and solutions architect of TheLedger; a Belgian start-up which specialized in shared ledger applications.

He’s been focusing full-time on blockchain technology for the past two years and has done over 20 different project since, in a different technologies.

TheLedger’s expertise comes mostly from projects in Fintec, public sector and supply chain for Belgian, Dutch and British organizations.

They support as a solution-driven partner during the business and functional analysis phase, after which they develop a working blockchain application in a technological manner.

The technical in-house knowledge is mostly focused on – but not limited – to Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, BigChainDb and Iota.

Thomas studied electronics and has worked as a software developer and technical trainer on a multitude of projects for different banks in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

After which he shifted his focus and joined the Cronos group, a Belgian software eco-system where he co-founded their Shared ledger competence center; TheLedger.

Being both a technical person combined with some economic backgrounds he’s been inspiring many to jump on the blockchain-bandwagon with over 200 presentations and webinars.